The Practice Modul is conceived as a space for exchanging references and experiences and weaving together your own network of the interests, topics and ideas that inhabit your artistic practice. “Building your world” and learning how to communicate about it to others.

We will have moments where we share references and interests that can come from many different fields (cinema, literature, economics, history, anthropology, etc.) amongst each other. These moments of exchange can take the form of reading, watching, lectures, walks, discussions, exhibition visits, whatever the person who shares decides. The students can use this format as a way of reflecting upon the interests and references that underlie their work and trying to tie them together. We will develop a form of “archive” that regroups the things that we all share. 

There will also be moments for group Mentorate (Marta and Annemarie together with 3 students) as well as individual Mentorate and group discussions (all of us) of your works in the atelier. 

At the end of the semester we will organize an exhibition either based on the experience of the Modul or on your individual works. The form and content of the exhibition will be determined together. The exhibition can take place at ZHdK or elsewhere.

Marta Riniker-Radich (*1982) is a Swiss artist currently living in Frankfurt am Main. She has developed a steady drawing practice, maintaining the same technique and format for many years. This practice then expands, depending on the exhibition context, to include installation, sculptural, video, and text-based works. Marta Riniker-Radich graduated from the HEAD in Geneva in 2008 and has since then taken part in various artists residencies (Studio Roma; Fieldwork Marfa, Texas; Landis & Gyr, London, among others), before moving to Frankfurt in 2017. Recent solo exhibitions include: Galerie Francesca Pia (2019), 20 years, Berlin (2019), Kunsthaus Glarus (2018), Eclair, Berlin (2018), Aargauer Kunsthaus (2016), Swiss Institute, New York (2016).

Annemarie Bucher (*1960), Dr. sc., lic. phil. I, lecturer in the BA Fine Arts, co-director of FOA-FLUX ( as well as freelance curator, publicist and guest lecturer at various universities and educational institutions.