Introduction into Academic Writing

Lecturer: Dr Sarah Spies

Course dates: 9 Dec + 16 Dec 2023, 2–6pm (CET)

Academic writing is a process that is creative and in many ways collaborative, it involves expressing your own thoughts as well as engagement with the ideas of others. By referencing existing literature and curatorial practices, academic writing provides a platform to contribute to ongoing discussions and develop a unique perspective.

This course offers the opportunity to engage with others’ arguments while effectively expressing one’s own viewpoint. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on developing clear and concise writing skills, particularly for non-native English speakers. The course will be customized to meet the specific needs of each participant, and a writing sample will be requested in advance to tailor instruction accordingly.

Dr Sarah Spies is a choreographer, performance curator and senior lecturer in contemporary dance and performance art. She is part of Manchester-based artists-led curatorial collective Accumulations and has led and collaborated on numerous internationally funded public research and performative events and programmes.  She is the author of Choreographies of the Curatorial: Performative Trajectories for Choreography and Dance in the Museum (2020) and the co-editor of (Un)Commoning Voices & (Non)Communal Bodies (2021) with Maayan Sheleff. She is also on the editorial board of TURBA – The Journal for Global Practices in Live Arts Curation.