"Exploring Artistic Research Desires"

The pool seminar creates a dynamic platform for insights and exchange of research related practices and experiences. What is the desire in your artistic practice that drives you to research? What motivations and interests lead you to consider engaging in a practice-based PhD? How to deal with the conditions and requirements to conceive a fruitful research-plan?

The first part of the seminar takes a closer look at positions and understandings of artistic research. With selected historic and current examples, we will question the institutional development of the artistic research field. Drawing on the international state-of-the-art, different models and conceptions of research environments will be at stake. The discussion will touch on the commonalities and differences between art and artistic research, between scientific and artistic approaches and will ask for possible societal needs and responses to artistic means of research. 

The second part engages with the concrete research desires of the participants. In a workshop format we will share research methods and develop a set of experiments to challenge and support possible ways of conceiving your potential project. Based on the teaching-teams own PhD experience, the workshop initiates to a couple of selected methods of narrative inquiry. How can narration become a research tool? By testing some narrative dispositives, we will collectively and individually explore inventive forms and formats of thinking and writing beyond the theoretical text.