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The Z-Kubator's support programme with a focus on your social, cultural and economic development steps

As a transition to professional practice, the 12-month programme What's next_Compass enables graduates from the disciplines of Art Education, Design, Film, Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, and Transdisciplinary Studies to sharpen and refine their individual profiles, network with practitioners and lay the foundations for building a sustainable career in the arts.

The programme focuses on the driving forces and needs of the participants to create a socially, culturally and economically sustainable basis on which to develop their own practice. Artistic and entrepreneurial topics come together. 
The aim of the programme is for participants to have discovered and explored possibilities and opportunities for themselves over the 12 months and to be able to strategically take the next steps in their development.

What’s next_Compass is supported by the City of Zurich and the Righini Fries Foundation.

For whom?

We are looking for BA and MA graduates from all disciplines of the ZHdK up to two years after graduation (2021 or later) who are interested in developing their work in an inter- or transdisciplinary context. We particularly support graduates who want to reflect on and test new working methods and ways at the interface between artistic or design ideas and entrepreneurial practice.
It is not possible to be enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's programme at the ZHdK and participate in this programme at the same time.

Call for application will open again in spring 2024

Programme dates cohort 2023/24
Programme duration: 1 September 2023 - 31 August 2024  

Z-Kubator contact
function(){location.href = 'mailto:' + emailScramble.decode('znyva.syhev@muqx.pu');})()">Malin Fluri, +41 43 446 20 47