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  • We choose an annual topic.
  • The thematic context is «learning and teaching in the arts in the digital age».
  • We meet three times a year via video conference for +/- 90 minutes.
  • Each video conference is organized by another member of the community.
  • We use tools as ZOOM, random tools for collaboration and document on ZHdK PAUL.


  • Meaningful conversations about teaching and learning in the arts in the digital age.
  • Promoting a very low-threshold, experience-based exchange.
  • Cultivate a feedback group.


The conferences will be recorded and published on this website.


Teachers, learners and experts as: 

Andrew Marsh, Barbara Revelli, Charlotte Axelsson, Christelle Kirchstetter, Claudia Schmid, Diana Wotruba, Elisabeth Vanderheiden, Felix Seyfarth, Franziska Nyffenegger, Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, Janja Ferenc, Joël Gähwiler, Luis Teixeira, Manuel Weibel, Marin Rutgers, Mario Doulis, Mela Kocher, Michael Stoll, Nico Couck, Niklas Billström, Otto-Ville Väätäinen, PAUL ZHdK, Pavel Pisklakov, Pawel Pokutycki, Peter Tränkle, Rada Leu, Renato Soldenhoff, Stephanie Schwarz, Susanne Hamelberg, Thomas Kneubühler, Tina Deiml-Seibt, Verena Andel, Wanja Kröger


Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 November 2020, 1:19 PM