Exercise - S-H-O-W Conference

Exercise 01

In your groups, write a summary of the talk of the speakers assigned to you. The summary should be about 300 words long and written in English. In addition, we ask you to record interesting visual material during the conference, e.g. as a screenshot (no screen videos).


01 Group: Fernando Cucchietti, Steven Franconeri, Rebecca Pazos

02 Group: Iskra Velitchkova, Rachel Binx, Craig Taylor

03 Group: Matthew Falla, Sabine Devins, Moritz Stefaner

04 Group: Ian Johnson, Eleanor Lutz, Marcin Ignac

05 Group: Julie Brunet, Sarah L. Fossheim

The timetable can be found here.


Your summaries including images will enable the organisers to create a blog about the conference, which will eventually be placed in the "Data Visualisation Society / Nightingale". You will of course be mentioned by name.


The prepared material must be handed in on Monday 22.11.21 by 9 am.

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