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by Andres Henao Pelaez - Monday, 22 March 2021, 3:42 PM
Anyone in the world

When I think about all the possibilities, I feel I can get easily over-ambitious with the results I'm expecting to get with the project.

My main idea is to create wearables with smart capabilities either with analog features which react to the environment or digital which can interact and be controlled for an app. All of these wearables would be 3D printed and created with recyclable materials.

As an idea, it can sound feasible or even interesting. but is it possible? 

The technical part would be the most difficult one in terms of programming de IoT or finding the right sensors for this task. Is there any kind of smaller processors? could you connect the sensors directly through wi-fi to your cellphone? which kind of board or processor use a smartwatch to be that small in comparison to the IoT? etc.

Some other  questions would be : 

- Would we get any access to the 3D printing lab?

- Do we get any assistance on the 3D modeling? ( software instruction? ) 

In general, I don't want to be too ambitious and I would like to find a way to execute my idea in the most simplified way possible.

The amount of information I have received until now is amazing and it has my brain running everywhere with thousands of possibilities! I'm really looking forward to getting more in-depth on all the modules.

Associated Course: CAS DTEC 2021
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