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Choosing a project for this CAS is not easy! So many ideas, no real constraints except the time.. it was a challenge a for me and after the first module I was left with many ideas and many questions. What should / can / would like to do within the 3 next months? 

At the beginning I had big ideas, too big to be implemented within this time (and in parallel of my job that is currently taking a lot of energy from me). I knew these struggles were completely normal and part of the process,  but looking at the time I was decided to set me a deadline for the definition of my project.

So on one sunny Tuesday afternoon, I contacted my friend and former colleague L. and asked her if she would join me for a walk afterwork to brainstorm about my CAS project. She accepted immediately and a few hours later we were walking in a beautiful parc. 

As I started to explain her what do we study in this CAS and what  kind of ideas I had ( a mobile app to do this, a game to do that..) she told me a simple remark: " I don't understand the problem you are trying to solve with these ideas". Of course I knew it, all my ideas were solving different problems and it was very confused in mind mind to.

L. knows and understands design thinking, so she suggested naturally that I should first describe my Persona, then my Problem to solve and then I should find the Project. We continued the discussion about the reasons why I started this CAS in the first place and we quickly agreed that my Persona should be me. L. asked me a lot of questions regarding my motivations, my frustrations, my vision.. And as I answered and the discussion went on, I realised that something was happening inside of me. All the answers to those questions, I knew them but I had been too lazy to put them on a paper.  I was now telling all that to someone in my own words,  the process had finally started!

Back home, I took my post-its and did the exercise again: I described my Persona.

Doing this exercise made me reflect on one new aspect: I know I am a dreamer and I need inspiration in my daily life. Usually I get this inspiration from travelling, waling in the nature, going out to see a movie or to an art exhibition. And well, the coronavirus has stopped the majority of my sources for inspiration. From this moment I had my high level problem.

Then the module 2 about ioT finished to convinced me to choose this technology for my project.

I think I can now formulate my question: How might ioT technologies support my creativity/inspire me at home?

I also have a first concrete idea about the project I want to realise in this context: I want to use 3 robots and make them communicate with each other and with me in a way that surprises and inspires me.

So now that I have this idea, let's go to the next steps and do some practical work smile

Associated Course: CAS DTEC 2021
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