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Blog entry by Andres Henao Pelaez

by Andres Henao Pelaez - Monday, 7 June 2021, 11:08 AM
Anyone in the world

Hi everyone, after very long research trying to figure out what to do as a final project I have decided to go in the area of AR. but I always wonder how can I make something in AR which could be profitable for companies and attractive for their clients.  

During my research on how to profit with digital assets I found out about NFT (Non-Fungible Token) apparently it is the newest technology that has helped digital artists to get crazy amounts of profit with their digital art, thanks to blockchain technologies. here there is an article telling a little bit about one of the artists.


Even though I'm a photographer and graphic designer I don't consider myself an artist and I try to always create something which you can sell (commercial assets) and then I thought in the typical microtransactions game developers had created for free to play games in order to be profitable. These microtransactions are basically cosmetics, digital clothing you can add to the base characters in the game to look outstanding in front of other players.

here a blog about some in-game articles there are some that cost over 60.000 dollars


in-game skins 

Then knowing about the existence of HOLO lens and knowing that it may be probably a technology that would be available in the next 15 years for the public I've decided to try to make this method of digital clothing also available for the public.

Holo lens glasses 


Doing more research I found out that I wouldn't be the first to do it. Actually big companies like Gucci are already selling their digital shoes to the public.


some of them have been sold for more than 200 dollars, The issue has been hackers who can just access the shoe model files and re-sell them and that's why it is important to use blockchain technology to make sure the digital assets are not replaceable or either be copied.

Anyways I wanted to give it a try using my phone camera to see if I could even make something in AR and here is the first test 

and now I'm producing a video using the same technology but incorporating some visual effects to have a clearer view of how it could turn to be and make it easier to understand smile 

See you soon guys smile 

Associated Course: CAS DTEC 2021
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