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  • A design research workshop on the subject of sound and interaction

    This workshop, will take place in the HS 2021 from January 10th to 21th 2022. The goal is the systematic, creative exploration of sound and its significance for the design of interactions and communication.

    A special focus is on design methods that understand sound as a means and material of interaction design. The projects will be implemented in an iterative process using prototypes, allowing for flexible development and dynamic interactive demonstration of insights. The central aspect is the continuous evaluation of design hypotheses with small user studies and field trials. There are only a few rules about Sonic Interaction Design, but a lot of space for experiments and design research that we want to explore.

    The goal is not primarily to build functional prototypes incl. programming and sensors, but to work out details and variants of the sound design, as an experience prototype to experience and further develop by user tests.

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